Two methods of payment are currently enabled in the DC TaxiApp: In-Car and Corporate Accounts. In-App payments are currently disabled.

For Corporate Account (Invoice) job offers, DC Taxi Drivers are not authorized to collect payment from the customer. The trips will be paid out via ACH payment to your bank account on file with DC TaxiApp. Please contact to ensure that your bank account is on file in order to receive payment.

For In-Car (External) job offers, DC Taxi Drivers are required to collect the payment directly from the customer.  All external payments will be running through your current equipment during this time, you will be paid the same way you are used to until the Direct To Driver Payment platform is launched.

Currently, In-App payments are disabled in the DC TaxiApp until the launch of the Direct To Driver Payment Platform powered by Stripe. If a customer informs the Driver that they paid via In-App payment, ensure them that they will not be charge In-App and are required to pay In-Car. For any customer disputes, inform the to contact

DC TaxiApp will be launching the Direct To Driver Payment platform in Q2, 2017. Process payments using the In-Car equipment or cash until the announcement is made. 

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